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For B2B businesses who want to get a flood of booked demos and scheduled phone calls each week booked directly in their calendars.




Are you driving demo's or trials to your SaaS company or sales calls for your start-up, then we got you covered. Phil the founder comes from a start-up background, working as a founder, CMO and Head Of Growth on various start-up companies, so he fully understands the problems and pressures which are unique to a start-up business. 


If you provide a service of 2k or more to a clearly defined market, then we can drive sales appointments to your calendars and build new demand for your services. Some of the consultancies we work with are IT, sales, business, strategic and financial focused. 

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Marketing & Creative Agencies

We know how to drive leads for creative agencies. From organisations specialising in SEO, Facebook ads, branding, design and influencer or video-focused agencies, we do these campaigns every day so we know what it takes to convert outbound messaging into scheduled phone calls.

Applications open for our pay per appointment programme. 

We only accept businesses we know we can have a massive impact with, this is not for everyone. Please click the APPLY button below and you will be taken to a short questionnaire where we ask you about you and your business. Once you apply, our team will get back to you within 24 hours and notify you if you have been accepted for the performance model. It only takes a few minutes, so apply now and speak soon. 


We build a high-quality list of prospects

The first step is to build a high-quality list of prospects based on the parameters you give us. This is in some respects the most important step in the process, and we like to put the upfront work into making sure that everyone on our target list is someone who is within your Ideal Client Profile (ICP). If you have Sales Navigator, this is more than likely the go-to for finding your prospects as one fo the best databases in the world for B2B. 

We work on communicating your services

We build from our existing knowledge of the 100's of successful campaigns we have worked on to build you a multi-channel outbound strategy unique to your business and we work out the best way to communicate your offer to your audience to get them intrigued and excited to speak to you about your business. 

We launch your campaigns

Now it is time to launch. At this point, you should start to see appointments role in your business calendar each day. But we do not stop here, we are constantly on the lookout for improvements, so we a/b test everything including the subject lines, the personalisation elements, the body, and the call to actions of the emails, as well as the way we communicate in any Linkedin messages that go out. We are always pushing for the highest conversion rates, month in, month out.


We offer this service on a 100% performance-based model.

We are so confident in our processes that we are willing to put our fee on the line if we do not get you appointments. We only get paid every time we book you a demo or scheduled phone call with someone from your Ideal Client Profile (ICP). This makes us highly motivated to perform for you, and we are very selective with who we work with for this exact reason. 


Start growing your business and get cashflow in.

Approx. 10 appointments

Cold Email

LinkedIn Messaging 

Dedicated Account Manager

Performance Reporting Dashboard

Paid Media

(LinkedIn Ads, Facebook Ads, Google Ads, Funnel Build, Email Nurture Sequence, Gated Content)

£125 / appointment
+ £395 (Set-up cost)
No contract.
Approx. 30-60 appointments

Flood 1 calendar full of booked demos and sales calls.

Cold Email

LinkedIn Messaging 

Dedicated Account Manager

Performance Reporting Dashboard

Paid Media

(LinkedIn Ads, Facebook Ads, Google Ads, Funnel Build, Email Nurture Sequence, Gated Content)

£1850 / month
(£31-£62 a booked appointment)
3 months contract.
Approx. 60+ appointments

Fill multiple calendars with demos and sales calls.

Cold Email

LinkedIn Messaging 

Dedicated Account Manager

Performance Reporting Dashboard

Paid Media

Please contact us and we will dig deeper into your paid media strategy and see what you need to scale your demand generation.

Please email or call us for a quote
3 months contract.


The key is to be multichannel, hyper-relevant and super-personal with your messaging.

Most lead generation companies focus on one channel over another, this is purely because it is simpler for them to do so, and not necessarily because it is the best solution. 


It might be easier for the agency to do this, but your results will be mediocre in comparison to a multichannel approach which allows different touchpoints to work together simultaneously, which ultimately leads to higher reply rates and more appointments from fewer contacts. This is great, especially if your Total Addressable Market (TAM) is in the thousands rather than millions. You need to make sure you squeeze the most out of every campaign.  

We are so confident that this service is 100% PERFORMANCE-BASED. This means we only get paid when you get sales appointments.

Does Cold Email work?

When done right, cold email is one of the most effective channels in reaching the decision-makers, and after doing multiple tests, we have found that cold email gets better responses, higher conversion rates, and can reach ‘harder to get’ type prospects than cold messaging on Linkedin or other outbound strategies. Yet, if done in conjunction with one another, we have found conversion rates shoot-up, because this extra touchpoint on Linkedin gives an extra reference point when someone sees the email. 

We have had massive success with personalised cold email campaigns for both our own company and doing it as a service for others.  We believe this is THE most effective channel for B2B demand generation (unless you want to go into HYPER-GROWTH with Linkedin Advertisement). We regularly achieve open rates of over 50%, and a positive response rate of 20% or more with 3-10% emails sent leading to appointments.

  • What happens if you do not get us any booked demos or scheduled appointments?
    We only work with organisations we are confident we can get appointments for and we are very selective with who we sign up. If we do not get you appointments we do not get paid, but this is really unlikely.
  • Is there a deposit?
    No deposit required, just a setup fee of £395 for the performance model. This is just a basic fee to pay for the tools we will need to use, to setup the campaigns, to strategise, and to write everything out. We do not charge this fee on the GROWTH or SCALE package, just the STARTER.
  • What happens if the booked demo or appointment is a no-show?
    We charge you based on the prospect showing interest in your service and asking for an appointment. The actual appointment, when it happens, and how you manage this, is for you to decide. We recommend you make it as easy as possible for your prospect by sending them over a calendar link (Schedule Once, Calendly etc).
  • How do we pay you?
    Super Lumen will invoice you monthly for the number of appointments you decided to take. If we reach the max number of appointments you need then we will pause the outreach until you tell us you require more (minimum order of 10).
  • How can I be sure the quality of appointments is high?
    We put a lot of upfront effort in creating high-quality lists of prospects which you check closely and sign off for us, so we know everyone on the list is within your Ideal Client Profile and we have sign-off from you on this.
Philip Ilic
Phil is an entrepreneur, storyteller and a Facebook, Google and Linkedin specialist.

Schedule a call with Phil to talk about how Linkedin Ads can help scale your demand generation. If you are currently running ads, Phil can jump right in and do an audit right on the phone call.


Why Super Lumen?

Ok, we are trying to keep our egos in check, so yes we are experienced, and pretty amazing, some of the best in fact, but also our long experience with numerous outbound and inbound strategies give us an overview of what works and what doesn’t, and this gives us a birds-eye view over which channels work for which occasions and which businesses. 


Cold email is at the core of what we used to scale our business and we are happy to put our fee on the line for what we believe is one of the best channels for getting high quality leads booking demos and scheduled phone calls at scale and converting these into paying customers. Let us flood your calendar with prospects so you can convert these interested scheduled appointments into customers. We want to help you scale your business. 



“Phil and the team spent the time understanding our business requirements. The campaign was a success... we got the right conversions and have taken a lot of insights on board (from the campaigns).”

Chief Strategy Officer


Salt Studio
PK Consulting
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