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for B2B Business who are looking to start generating a tornado of demand. 

Schedule a call with us to discuss your linkedin strategy and if you are running ads we can jump in and give you feedback right there and then.

Are you running Linkedin Ads?



of B2B leads come from Linkedin 

Linkedin is by far the most valuable source of leads when it comes to B2B - in fact 80% of B2B businesses say they are getting leads from the platform each month. Linkedin ads are the best way to bring in a torrent of consistent new enquiries about your consulting, coaching or saas services. 


The issue which most organisations come across when they first start advertising on the platform is the costs associated. Linkedin is very expensive, and if you do not know what you are doing, or are just getting started, then you have the potential to waste a lot of money fast. 


Super Lumen is a specialist in Linkedin demand generation - people hire us because we cut the learning curve, and money wasted as a result, to a bare minimum. We can draw on a large amount of experience to get you the most leads at the lowest costs on the platform, and we then don’t stop testing different audiences, optimisations, and landing pages to get you the best traffic, at the lowest cost.

Hyper specific targeting

One of the most incredible things about Linkedin is the targeting. With the platform we can reach people by job title, industry and seniority level to name but a few. This is just not possible with Facebook or google.


With Linkedin, we know that if we want CEO’s from SMEs landing in our sales funnels, or exchanging contact details for a lead magnet, we are 100% sure that every single person who clicks is exactly what we want.

The biggest deals are on Linkedin

Whereas Google has the quickest deals, due to intent, Linkedin has the largest. With Linkedin we can target the decision makers from SMEs all the way up to the fortune 500, and with an Account Based Marketing approach, we can analyse decision making in these companies, and target the HR department, the COO, as well as the CFO (he’s got the wallet) all at the same time, so everyone is on board.


Linkedin allows us to upload lists of companies we can identify as the highest value, and then target specific job titles or functions in these companies. Although the lead time takes longer, it is well worth the effort. 

Decision makers are on Linkedin

The latest stats on the platform (2020) show that Linkedin’s users are predominantly affluent decision-makers, opinion leaders and c-level executives and where 80% of social marketing leads come from for B2B businesses. To top it off, we can access these people directly without having to speak to a gatekeeper. 

Are Linkedin Ads right for you?

Linkedin ads are not for everyone, but they can be incredibly powerful if you can target harder to reach, or specific people which can be targeted by job title, industry, company size as well as interests. One of the defining factors is the Lifetime Value of your client or customer.


We generally say, if you have a larger lifetime value of 10k or more, then Linkedin ads can be one of the best platforms for generating leads from. Many SAAS, consulting, coaching, agencies and even freelancers are scaling their businesses with Linkedin ads. 

Philip Ilic
Phil is an entrepreneur, storyteller and a Facebook, Google and Linkedin specialist.

Schedule a call with Phil to talk about how Linkedin Ads can help scale your demand generation. If you are currently running ads, Phil can jump right in and do an audit right on the phone call.

Why Super Lumen?

Ok we are trying to keep our egos in check, so yes we are experienced, and pretty amazing, some of the best in fact, but also our long experience on other platforms such as Facebook, Instagram and google give us an holistic outlook.


We believe that you must use each platform to its strengths, and if you can use them with one another to create a more powerful mix then we should. Hence, we let Linkedin take the lead, but we back it up with remarketing on Google and Facebook. This deep knowledge of other platforms is what makes us unique. 


Ardour Design

“Phil and the team at Super Lumen delivered incredible results
and exploded the number of leads and sales. Highly recommended if you're ready to handle an explosion of new business.”

Dave Pentland,


Salt Studio
PK Consulting
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