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Marketing for coaches, consultants and high-value service providers.

What we do


We are an ROI, lead generation, client acquisition machine.

We focus on strategies which bring our clients a hurricane of new business like clockwork, each and every week, with tactics that position you and your business as the only choice in the eyes of potential clients.

Schedule a call to find out how we can position you as the go-to in your industry and as a result get you a flood of new business, have a bigger impact, and completely explode your sales.



Custom Strategy Plan

We research your industry and do a competitive analysis and then deliver you with a plan of action, deliverables and timelines. This will form the basis of everything going forwards, the strategy we use and tactics we deploy.


Build, Test, Optimise

Once we get the go-ahead we build the marketing systems, the funnels, the integrations, write the copy and conduct lots of Rapid Fire Tests to determine personas, creatives and messaging.


Consistent Flow of Leads

After the first month we will have a baseline of how much it costs to get you a scheduled phone call with a high-quality prospect. At this point, you will have a steady stream of prospects booked directly in your calendar each and every week. 

TSUNAMI strategy
The TSUNAMI Thought Leadership Strategy...

At the core of what we do is positioning you, your business, and the service you provide, as a thought leader in your industry to a small group of people who have the need for your service and the means to hire you. 


This doesn’t mean being a global superstar, partying with Madonna and drinking tea with the Queen. What it does mean is by utilising online platforms such as Linkedin, Facebook and Google, we can reach out to a handful of potential prospects and offer them useful information around the problem your service solves while not asking for anything in return. 

It is about positioning you as an expert and championing solutions to the specific problem your service solves and pushing these prospective clients down the path of consuming your message many times over before asking for anything in return. Although this may sound counter-intuitive at first, this will position your business as the only choice for many of these prospective clients when they are ready to hire you. This is elemental to everything we do, and what will make you and your business the unquestionable choice. How we do this is with…


Content is king, as they say. This timely expression is timely for a reason, as it hits the archetypal core of how we work when we are deciding in who to trust to solve our problems. The majority of people marketing their services are screaming out ‘buy my service’ or ‘hire me’. This is literally about 90% of any given market. Some try half-heartedly with a content strategy, but the implementation and follow-through fall short. 


The key is in creating content people actually want to read with headlines which draw them in and a body which adds value to their day. This is then distributed through paid marketing avenues such as LinkedIn, Facebook and Google. Imagine someone who is looking for your service and they read a couple of your blogs which help them move forwards to understanding the issue they are trying to solve better, download a report or guide which goes into more detail (and which also describes the systems you use), and then watch a couple of further videos which builds empathy, trust and authority in you and your business. 


If the content delivered hits the bullseye in terms of solutions, it is more than likely this person has lowered their defence mechanisms towards you, as they have been given so much value, and most probably, they see you as an authoritative figure championing solutions to the problems they have. In fact, once they start consuming your content and you start to pop up on Linkedin, Facebook, in their email box, among other places, you suddenly look like a big fish, but what they don’t know is we defined a small pond - i.e. we have positioned you in front of a handful of people consistently, time and time again, with solutions and valuable content. Chances are, at this point, if they have a serious need for a solution, they will reach out to you and book in a call to ask you about your services.



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Download The TSUNAMI Thought Leadership Guide for more information


A digital marketing agency specializing in client acquisition for coaches, consultants, agencies and freelancers.
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Super Lumen was founded as a speciality agency to help people providing high-value services - form Agile consultants to life coaches, from illustration freelancers to branding agencies. our happy place is when we see these people and businesses growing as a result of our work.

Phil is an entrepreneur, storyteller and a Facebook, Google and Linkedin specialist.
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What we offer



“Phil and the team at Super Lumen delivered incredible results and exploded the number of leads and sales. Highly recommended if you're ready to handle an explosion of new business.”

Dave Pentland,
We are Really Good at B2B...

With b2b businesses who are looking to attract a specific target audience which can be defined by job title or is part of the c-suite in medium-sized companies, for example, we utilise LinkedIn to get hyper-targeted, incredibly high-quality clicks and take them off the platform to a blog or lead magnet and remarket to them on Facebook. We do this because Linkedin has incredible targeting, we know each click is of very high quality, but also very expensive. So once we have them trigger our pixel, we can retarget the same people on Facebook, which will cost us 3-8 times less.


This is a very powerful way to target prospects, who normally would be difficult to target with Facebook, on Facebook. The reason why this makes sense is that everyone is on Facebook, even CEO’s, and they spend much more time on Facebook than on Linkedin, and ultimately the cost per click is far cheaper on Facebook. So if we want to get them reading your articles and consuming your videos at an affordable price, then Facebook is the more affordable option, yet Linkedin is essential to getting us extremely high-quality traffic and ultimately scheduled clients.

If you are a coach, consultant or service provider which is B2B by nature, then schedule a call with us by hitting the button below and we will walk you through, step by step, the best way to get hyper-specific B2B audiences to buy your services. 

Now it’s your turn to become a thought leader…

Schedule a call with us and we will jam pack it with as much value as humanly possible. If you are already running ads we can dive in, do an audit, and point you in the right direction, right there and then on the call... even if you do not hire us.


My intention with this call is to leave you feeling excited about the future of your business and to give you actionable advice to create a client acquisition system which will propel your business into the stratosphere. If you have not yet run Facebook, Linkedin or Google ads, then we will talk about you and your business moving forwards. We only have a limited amount of spaces for these calls each month, so take this opportunity and book now.

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